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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my gift card?
  • Do you have a voucher for Wonderbox? Go to Activate Your Gift Card, enter the ID number and redemption code as stated on the gift card / e-gift card and click Save and Continue. This will display the current opportunities existing for the experience gift, as well as other necessary information on how to book and redeem your experience.

I have an Open Gift Card—what should I do?
  • With an Open Gift Card, you can choose between every experience represented on Wonderbox within the value stated on the gift card. The gift card can not be used directly by our partners, but must first be exchanged on Wonderbox to a concrete experience.

    Already have a gift card? Do the following:

    1. Find the experience you want and put it in your basket.
    2. Enter your ID number and redemption code in the ‘Pay With Vouchers’ section in Ordering Overview.
    3. Finish your order as normal.
    4. You’ll receive a new gift voucher for the selected experience, and your open gift card will no longer be valid.
    5. In order to redeem your experience, go to Activate Your Gift Card.
    6. Enter your ID number and redemption code from the new gift card.
    7. You’ll be directed to the current opportunities existing for your experience gift, as well as the vital information needed to book and redeem the gift.
    8. Remember to bring the your new gift card to your experience!
What should I bring when I go out on my experience?
  • You only need to bring your experience gift card, as this applies as payment.

Can I use my experience Gift cards (SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM) as payment when I go out on my experience?
  • No, you cannot use your Experience Gift Card as a method of payment for a specific experience. With an Experience Gift Card, you must first purchase a specific experience using your Experience Gift Card. Once you purchase a specific experience, you will receive a new gift card that applies to your selected experience. Be sure to bring this new gift card with you to the experience.

Can I exchange my voucher for a different experience?
  • You may exchange your experience to any of our other experiences for free while your voucher is still valid or during the validity period. To do so, go to Exchange for a Different Experience. If the experience you want to exchange to is more expensive than what your current gift card is worth, you can simply pay the difference. If the experience you want to buy is less expensive than what your current gift card is worth, you will receive the difference as an open e-gift card via email.

How long is the gift card valid?
  • Your giftcard is valid for 5 years from the day of purchase.

How soon do I receive the gift card?
  • You can receive your gift card in less that five minutes by choosing the e-gift card option! You will receive an email with a PDF containing both a picture and a description of the experience. The e-mail is automatically sent to you after your purchase.

    You can also choose to have your gift card delivered by mail in a Dream Frame that is packed neatly into a beautiful gift box. If the order is placed before 3 PM EST on a weekday, the gift certificate will be shipped the same day. It usually takes three to five business days for the gift box to arrive. Orders placed on weekends and holidays will be shipped on the next business day. There is no guarantee that the gift box / gift envelope will arrive the next day.

How do I enable my gift card?
  • Enable your gift card, click Get Booking Information listed on the banner at the top of this page!


Do I get a confirmation email of the activation of my gift card?
  • You do not, unless you have used your gift card to book an experience directly on Wonderbox.

It says that my gift card is valid for one person. Can my gift card be used for more than one person?
  • It depends on the experience that your gift card applies to. Typically, the experience description will tell you how many more people can be included.

    Do you have an Open Gift Card? You can easily use the card to buy experiences for more than one person. Remember to exchange you Open Gift Card for your desired experience.

Is my gift certificate only redeemable to me?
  • As long as the gift card is valid, you may give your card at any time to someone else.

What is an e-gift card?
  • Our e-gift card is the perfect solution for a gift in minutes.

    Choose the experience you want to give as a gift.

    Put it in the shopping cart and go to checkout.

    Select the e-gift card as the delivery method and pay by credit card. Shortly after you order, you will receive an email with a beautiful PDF containing both a picture and description of the experience. The e-mail is automatically sent to you after your purchase. You simply need to print the gift certificate in the e-mail.

Why have not I received my e-gift card?
  • Occasionally, e-gift cards end up in your spam or junk mail, so check there first. If it’s not there, please email the Wonderbox team at [email protected].

Where can I use my gift card?
  • Please go to Get Booking Information and enter your gift card ID and redemption code. This will give you access to your booking information, as well as details about when and where.

I have a store credit, how do I use it?
  • The validity period of a store credit is identical to the remaining validity period of your original box, and at least 6 months from the date of issue. It can only be used as a means of payment on (it cannot be presented to our partners for payment). With this store credit, you can purchase an electronic box (e-box); the physical box option is available for an additional $15 payable only by credit card.

    To order with your store credit:

    1. Log in to your customer account, go to the “My store credits” section, then click on “Use my store credits.”
    2. Choose the box you want to add to your cart from the list of eligible products.
    3. Select the “e-box” version of the product.

    Your store credit will automatically be deducted from the amount to be paid.

    If the amount of the credit is less than the amount of your order, you can complete the payment by selecting the payment method of your choice.

    If it is higher, your credit is divisible, so it can be used multiple times within its validity period. Beyond that, your credit will be lost and cannot be reactivated.

    Please note: Tick&Box Gift Boxes, Wonderbox and Gift Cards cannot be ordered with a store credit. The credit cannot be combined with a promotion, promotional code, or discount code. You cannot pay more than $500 of an order with a credit.

What are the ID number and redemption code?
  • These are the two unique codes that are listed on your gift card. You need both codes for activating your gift card and to book your experience. If you have a Dream Frame, the acrylic frame must remain sealed to find your ID number and redemption code.

Can I get a refund for my gift card?
  • We have a 14-day right of withdrawal from the purchase date. If your gift card was purchased on Wonderbox, please fill out the Undo Purchase form on our site.

I am interested in buying multiple gift cards for company —who can I contact?
  • We offer various exciting packages for businesses and would love to help you. Contact our B2B sales department at [email protected].

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