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Holiday giftsHoliday gifts for women

Hundreds of Holiday gift ideas just for her!

Holiday gift idea for everyone and every budget!

Holiday gifts idea: Give an unforgettable souvenir!

Dive into the world of Wonderbox, where every discovery is a treasure to offer thus Holiday!

Need Holiday gift ideas for a woman? Wonderbox makes it easier than you think.

Goodbye generic perfumes and soulless jewelry. Discover why one experience is worth a thousand gifts.

What Holiday gift for a woman?

In today's consumer society, choosing the right gift for a woman at the end of the year is becoming increasingly problematic. How can you renew your festive gift ideas that are beginning to repeat themselves, whether for your significant other, your mother, your daughter, your sister or an acquaintance?

Wonderbox's solution lies in an experiment.

Opening up to a new activity or letting yourself be surprised by an experience is an ideal gift idea for everyone.

Does she need to get away from the stress of the city? A wellness weekend is just the thing for a real break.

As more and more people dream of adrenalin, why not offer a skydiving or a plane tour over NYC?

What's the ideal Holiday gift for a woman?

Many women no longer wait until Holiday or their birthday to treat themselves, so finding the perfect gift for a woman is becoming increasingly complicated. If you're short of ideas, we know how to help you with an experience to share.

Perfume, candles, clothes, all these material objects can give pleasure, but sharing an experience will remain engraved in your heart. Our little helping hand lies in a gift idea that we don't necessarily think of. With our Holiday gift box, you're offering a dream to share with your partner, and why not with you? What a pleasure to see her face light up during this experience!

More ideas to surprise her!

As you browse our site, you'll discover some unusual ideas that are well worth the detour. There's always room for discovery, adventure and experience for Madame, even if you have the impression that she already knows a lot.

Specialized packages will show that you care about some of her passions. Whether it's a nature weekend combined with a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls, or a gastronomic experience combined with a visit to a historic district, there are plenty of great ideas to please her!

You're bound to find a gift that's right for her, even for the more complicated ones who don't like surprises. There's a perfect gift for everyone, so let us help you find the one that's right for you.