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The best Valentine's Day gift ideas, whether last-minute or not, are those that show your partner you know them inside out: a romantic weekend for travel enthusiasts, a skydiving jump for thrill-seekers, and so on...
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For a unique and last-minute Valentine's Day gift, focus on one-of-a-kind experiences: a night in an unusual location, a visit to a monument, or even a ferrari track experience for the more daring ones!

Turn Your Delay into Strength with Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from Wonderbox!

Lack of inspiration, daily responsibilities, a bit of disorganized planning... Whatever your reasons, the result is the same: you have 0 Valentine's Day gifts and only a few days left to find one.

But don't panic: Wonderbox is here to help!

Because we know that finding the perfect gem for your partner is a tough task, we've taken care of everything with a selection of last-minute Valentine's Day gift ideas that are sure to put stars in the eyes of your better half!

Make Last-Moment Valentine's Gifts Rhyme with Astounding Memories!

Contrary to what one might think, a last-minute Valentine's Day gift doesn't have to be a present chosen in despair... At least not at Wonderbox! Not convinced? Let us prove it to you...

Extraordinary Gift Ideas for the Bold and Brave

It's simple: your beloved is as much in love with you as they are with thrills!

Always ready to take on new challenges, your partner never misses an opportunity to add an adrenaline-filled activity to their collection. So, what could be better than a Valentine's Day gift that allows your dear one to push their limits with an unforgettable challenge?

Give them a hair-raising experience with a skydiving jump, take their breath away by giving them the chance to pilot a fighter jet, or take your lucky one to cloud nine with a hot air balloon ride. Whatever your choice, your loved one will remember this February 14th for a lifetime!

For partners who prefer land-based activities over airborne ones, our teams have just what you need: a racing course! On the agenda: race cars, iconic circuits, and a maximum of thrills for a Valentine's Day etched forever in memory!

Last-Minute Valentine's Gifts for Stressed-Out Better Halves

Limited personal time, stress, responsibilities... It's clear: your partner needs to relax! And what better than February 14th to offer them a wellness moment!

Opt for a massage in a relaxing institute, a facial treatment by magical hands, or go on a thalasso weekend in NYC to escape everyday hassles!

A Cultural—and Exceptional—Valentine's Day Gift

Dominating victories at Trivial Pursuit, anecdotes galore, and an undisputed fan of John Green: no doubt, your beloved is a culture buff!

It goes without saying that a Valentine's Day gift focused on this theme is THE perfect surprise to offer them for February 14th. But which gift to choose to be sure to please?

If your other half is passionate about the arts, music, take them to a Broadway show to attend an a unique work of art. Emotions and unforgettable memories will definitely be part of the experience!

For those looking to fill their bucket list with cultural outings, a tour of iconic buildings in New York will surely hit the mark!

Find Your Valentine's Day Gift Idea in No Time!

Okay, okay, all these Valentine's Day gift ideas are dreamy... But how can you be sure to receive your present on time? Thanks to the magic of Wonderbox, of course!

To ensure you receive your last-minute gift in time, we offer electronic delivery. All you need to do is choose your gift box, select the "e-box" option at checkout, and within 15 minutes, you'll receive your Valentine's Day gift in your email inbox. Magical, isn't it?

Whether you want to give your significant other a romantic weekend getaway in NYC, a romantic dinner in the Empire State building, a cinema outing, or even a wellness moment just for the two of you, Wonderbox allows you to offer a unique gift idea with just a few clicks!

Isn't life beautiful?