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Gift ideasExperience gift for Mom

Celebrate your favorite Wonderwoman with our special Mother's Day gift ideas!

Capable of doing two things at the same time, detecting our lies from a mile away and even anticipating the nastiness of the people around us, moms are real everyday superheroes!

And that's why we've dedicated a special day to them. And yes, Mother's Day is an event specially created to thank our mom for all she does for us on a daily basis.

So we'd better make sure we're there on the big day!

But we're past the age of giving a noodle necklace or a rough drawing as a Mother's Day giftv.

And yes, it's time to come up with a gift idea that's as great as she is!

But as the saying goes: "easier said than done"...

That's why our teams have gone fishing for the Mother's Day 2024 gifts to help you put stars in your mom's eyes on May 12... and secure your place as the family's favorite child at the same time!

We're off!

Pamper her with a Mother's Day gift that's 100% wellness

Making sure that everyone's at school on time, that the little one has his snack for his school outing, or that homework hasn't fallen through the cracks... that's the daily routine for your mom and many others around the world!

And even if you're used to your mom managing all these tasks with a master's hand, it's no less tiring for her.

So why not take advantage of May 12 to give her a Mother's Day gift that will give her a break from this hectic daily routine?

An ideal way to rediscover yourself as a woman and enjoy a moment to yourself, a wellness gift is sure to delight the lucky recipient on the big day!

For moms with the weight of being an exceptional mother on their shoulders, there's nothing better than a massage session at an institute to help relieve the daily pressure.

On the program: scented candles, soft lighting and a relaxing session she's not likely to forget in a hurry!

If your mom's more of a skincare addict, then a professional facial is sure to please!

Whether it's a scrub, mask or peel, this Mother's Day gift is the perfect way to recharge your batteries while taking care of your body... and your mind!

What more could you ask for?

Finally, for those with a little more budget and/or looking for a truly exceptional Mother's Day gift idea, there's nothing like a spa day... or a thalasso weekend!

Whether it's for one day or several, your mom will love to bask in a hammam, swim a few laps in a heated pool or enjoy a shower with essential oils.

Perfect for recharging the batteries, this Mother's Day gift will have no trouble delighting your mom... and putting you at the top of the sibling list in her heart.

We're just saying...

Treat your mother to a gourmet moment on Mother's Day

Whether it's for Christmas, birthdays or family lunches, your mom is always behind the stove to delight her guests!

What if, for once, it was you who took over?

By opting for a gourmet Mother's Day gift, your mom will have the luxury of enjoying a meal without lifting a finger, and delighting her palate and stomach.

Ain't life grand when you put it that way?

If you really want to give your mom a break from the daily grind, you can set your sights on a dinner at the top of the Empire State Bulding!

Enjoy it with friends, with your lover or even with yourself, this Mother's Day gift idea will enable the star of the day to share an unforgettable evening with someone special, while enjoying tailor-made service!

What's not to love about a surprise like this?

We'd almost like to keep this gift idea to ourselves...

A Mother's Day gift 100% escape: tailor-made vacations!

A massage, an evening out at a restaurant... all these experiences are perfect for giving your mom a break for a few moments on Mother's Day.

But, unfortunately, sometimes that's not enough...

And yes, some moms need more than that to truly disconnect from everyday life.

That's why our teams have come up with THE perfect surprise for those whose moms find it hard to let go: a tailor-made weekend just for her!

Depending on her personality and what she'd like, you can choose to organize a romantic getaway with your dad, a 3-day weekend with her girlfriends or even a solo stay.

Whatever you choose, this Mother's Day gift idea is sure to hit the bull's-eye on the big day!

It's up to you to choose the perfect destination to suit your budget and your mom's tastes.

For a total escape, you can opt for a few days in Europe: Paris, Rome or Barcelona, the possibilities are endless!

If your mother really needs a change of scenery, introduce her to a new U.S. city. Between Miami, New York and Los Angeles, the hardest part will be choosing.

Finally, if your mom needs a vacation before her time, there's nothing like a few days in Hawaii for a change of scenery: white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, palm trees... you can already see yourself there!

In short: make your Mother's Day gift a memorable experience!